fun facts about!

1. old domains
before this was called nespectio (which was inspired by how i usually name my variables, like kespo or jenga or something like that), it was called Jameswackythings, and you can still see that if you go and see the web page source and look in the keywords and see "JWTasciiCODINGgeniousBETTERthanEVERYONE", and JWT stands for.. you guessed it, jameswackythings. i'm planning to add easter eggs about the old name.

something else, i actually had my own .tk domain for this website before i changed the website URL. in fact, you can still visit it here (but it just shows an error). if i get enough money, i may be able to get a pc and actually code better, because i'm coding on a school chromebook right now with a keyboard with some broken keys :I

2. website names
if you ever payed attention to the URL in my projects, you noticed that every project after the 9th one have an A at the beginning of it. the reason that is, is because so i can keep it tidy while coding :)

3. code
if you noticed my code changes from time to time, it's because i get things off of websites to learn and stuff, (mostly stackoverflow)

todo: add more stuff to this